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50 Plus Happy Wedding Anniversary wishes for 2018

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Before going to share happy wedding anniversary wishes, just would like to write something special. Not everyone has happy married life in this world, this is just because of attitude towards relationship and how much you care and respect the relationship. This relation required attention and respect from both partners.  Some people are paying a high cost for maintenance or building it, and others just ignore and have worst life. Only a few people understand it and have the successful journey to understanding the relationship goal.

Best wishes for you and for your connected persons who have the happy anniversary.

For Couple

Here are few lines for the couple for wishing their successful life.

  • Live long, keep calm and always enjoy every breath of wedding life.
  • May you both live long with happiness, love, and care as you have spent status in previous years.
  • I wish you both live long lives and have successful marriage life.
  • I am Feeling pleasure by wishing you, happy marriage anniversary because you have spent a lot of moments    together by loving and caring each other. So I pray you keep these upgrading moments every year.
  • Selecting one and keeping the relationship in existence is not the easiest task, But you both have done it. Keep it up and enjoy the wedding life.
  • A lot of couple living together but living in a heart is a fun as both of you have. Best wishes.
  • On this precious ocean, I pray to God that you have blessed and stress-free marriage life.
  • Success of marriage is when Husband and wife prove that they are two bodies but one soul, like you both, have. Best wishes.
  • God has created a perfect and cute couple of you in this world. Happy anniversary.
  • Congratulations to the lovely couple, who have inner beauty.
  • Congratulations to both of you, who not only have outer beauty but inner as well.
  • People may learn from you how to have tolerance and care in the relationship. Congratulations

Wedding Quotes for a female:

  • We are proud of you that you keep this relationship successful with your patience, tolerance, love, and care. Keep it up.  Have a nice lovely life.
  • So sweet of you, you not only deserver for simple words of wishes here but also for golden words at the sky. Have a nice and long married life.
  • My best wishes that you may have every moment of your life with hubby love, careful attention, and trust. That will be a success of your marriage life.
  • Hi gorgeous girl, yes you deserve that word for having multiple marriage anniversaries.
  • May you have multiple layers of love, romance, and care like the rose? Happy anniversary.
    Happy wedding anniversary wishes
    Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Marriage wishes for Male:

  • I could not forget the moments spent with you, as you give a lot of safety, care and trust. I really appreciate your love. Happy marriage anniversary.
  • Wishing you a very happy wedding anniversary day.
  • Just like a red rose, my best wishes that you have soft, attractive, caring and lovely years.
  • Appreciate your attention and care towards your family by sacrificing your own wishes. Have a nice happy marriage life.
  • Best wishes for the wonderful day keep and build by you dear.
  • Congratulation to the strongest man and cutest bride.

Funny Marriage wishes

  • As people say marriage has two rules for keeping it successful. One is Wife is always right and 2, if you do not agree with first, get a kick from her and follow rule no 1 lolz.
  • Congratulations to Deaf and Blind. As the secret of successful marriage is wife should be blind and hubby a deaf. You both are a good example lol.
  • Congratulation, to your partner who has spent multiple years with you lol.
  • Best wishes Dear, No doubt living with a fool and joker is the worst part of life, we even not expect in a dream, but your spouse live happily. Congratulations
  • Congratulation for a good job where you work as an employee and also paid salary to your employer.
  • Hi crazy, remembers the days when you were applying for the post of husband and a lot of people reject you because of stupidity. On this wonderful day, a special thanks should be to your life partner.
  • Hello conflict resolover, Sure you now not know the meaning of Conflict. Lolz Congratulations.

·Happy wedding anniversary wishes

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Marriage wishes for Mom and Dad

  • One of the biggest happiest things for the children is a strong relationship with their parents.
  • Dear Parents, Nothing is charming for me in this world. You are great parents. May you live long and have a healthy relationship.
  • We are proud; you keep this family a healthy, smiling, and caring. Love you and care you. Best wishes for this building relationship
  • My lovely father and mother, have a nice and lovely anniversary. Under your strong relationship, we learn a lot. May you live long with happiness.
  • Congratulations to one of the great parents of the world. Feeling pleasure being a part of your family.
  • Congratulations on a wonderful day. You deserve a lot for building this family with sacrifices.

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