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1 Article for the Concept of Romance

Concept of Romance

It is the name of strongest feeling, excitement associated with another person. It is difference between love and sex. Love is the inner feeling for another but not involvement of physical movement. On the other hand sex is game in two bodies irrespective of opposite gender. It may be same one as well. So Romance is a stage where you have your lover (Your world).

Role of Romance in Relationship:

Romance plays a vital and crucial role in relationship for happy married life. There are not only 3 basic elements of a relationship like, Care, Trust, and care, but also fourth important one that is Romance. You can search and examine the case studies of divorce or separated. There will be lack of that element. It improves the relationship strength.

If beauty is a pain, let me get lost in it.  If you are my salvation, I want to earn it.  If love is all I have to give then, let me give it.

God has created interaction between opposite gender. As per medical science ever personal required it as like as we need to eat in hunger or drink when thirsty. This helps in relaxing us.

Rules of Romance

Everything in this world has its values and principle. It also has, that is softness. It should be soft than a tissue, have a more smell of any flower, attractive like nature, has a mystery like in the world, attention like a doctor to his patient, Caring like a mother to her newborn baby. By keeping in mind desired of your partner you can do it perfectly.

Limitation of romance:

There is only one limit that is it should be focused only on one. Spreading or sharing with more than one person is called flirt not a romance. As love is only for one and it is next phase of love so should bound yourself to only one.

When and where it should be:

Question of this answer is you can do it anywhere and anytime with your partner. In shape of fun, adventure, in-door or out-door. As romance is not sex, so you can do anytime anywhere. Looking with lovely eyes is also type of romance. Giving respect with complimentary words also express its existence. A simple missing you text/SMS eliminate factor of is absence. Talking with respect, it can be express in humor.

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